Features of Venue 3™

Venue 3™ is the most complete and flexible claim handling solution in the industry. Developed side by side with claims professionals, it provides end-to-end processing of claims from the time of inception until close.

Venue 3™ is unique in the industry as a fully configurable solution. Every aspect of the claims management system can be administrator-configured (or user-configured, where applicable) to align with the specific requirements of client lines of business and security profiles. The appearance or absence of entire screens, fields and dialogs, the naming of fields, view/edit rights, etc can be configured to exactly match the way you do business. Additionally, entire workflows and task automation are user defined and provide unlimited power and flexibility. Nobody in the industry even comes close to the flexibility of Venue 3™ for rapid, cost-effective deployment to your unique specifications.

Below is a summary of some key functionality of Venue 3™:

Venue 3™ is a uniquely configurable, enterprise-level, multi-line claims management system that is intended for specialist carriers and third-party administrators.

Download a Venue 3™ brochure here