"We are extremely pleased with the performance of Venue. The investment has streamlined our claims management and billing processes well beyond our earlier capabilities.

My adjusters are quite satisfied with the ease of use. My management team has available reports and documents availability to make their work flow faster with critical information always available at their fingertips.

We are impressed with your response to our individual needs regarding both time response and flexibility to provide custom applications.

After two plus years of using VENUE, I would not consider making a change at any price.”

William H Rapp, RPA, AIC - President & CEO, WICKIZER & CLUTTER, INC., Adjusters, Missouri, USA

"I had a chance today to look at the new system and I am very impressed. Aside from being able to check it for instant updates, I think one of the best things about it for me will be the ability to get a clear look at photos taken in an investigation. Often the photos that get stored in our paperless claim file, whether from you or any other adjuster or appraising company, are pretty grainy by the time they have been faxed to us or scanned and emailed, or even sent by regular mail to be scanned by us into our system, and finally placed into our file.  With your system I am able to get a crystal clear look at the photos you have taken. This will be really helpful in situations were a small premises defect isn't seen very easily in the photos that end up in our system.  A quick look at the file in your system will take care of this problem. It will also be nice to be able to get a look at your file in whole when trying to make a decision on a claim, rather than having to put the entire investigation together piecemeal from my file when I am trying to determine what has been accomplished in an investigation. Your new system seems to really add value to your services. Thanks"

 one of our client's clients

"After 4 years of searching for a suitable web-based adjusting program we had become very disillusioned by what was available both at home and overseas, and then along came Venue. This program not only had everything we had been looking for but far exceeded our greatest expectations. We where able to get the guys and girls at Venue to extensively customize the program to fulfill our every need from the formatting of our letterheads to the content visible to our own staff and the principles. Every claims manager and claims officer that we have put online has expressed there unqualified approval. Our overall productivity has increased markedly and the speed with which the claims information can now be provided to the insurer is unsurpassed. All of this with less administration time per file is a remarkable achievement. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to all Loss adjustment companies."

Lee Pennock, Equity Adjusters, Adelaide, South Australia

"Venue has been a great addition to our company, and I know that clients will also truly benefit from using this system. As evident, it is really user friendly too. Clients are able to view all of the claim details and see the major points and features with no training or instruction. Think how easy it will be for other adjusters to use it as well."

Thomas Cordy, Principal Partner, Sierra Claims, New York, USA