Venue™ Features...

Venue™ is 100% web-based claims processing software that uses Microsoft Technologies (.Net, MS SQL Server and integration with MS Office). Being a web- based application it can be accessed anywhere, anytime - as long as you have access to an Internet connection and a web browser.

Venue™ can handle all non-life lines of business - personal and commercial property, casualty, automobile, machinery, vehicle, liability, workers' compensation and temporary disability, as well as specialized lines such as marine and medical malpractice. .

Venue™ has the same type of security as on-line banking (128-bit encryption); and through its comprehensive, role-based administration module, you can determine to a very detailed level just what claim information is accessible to individual or groups of users.
Each user has a unique login and password, which provides access to the specified areas of the claims processing software that is set by the System Administrator.

Venue™ allows you to add users easily yourself without having to redeploy the application on user systems. Changes and updates can also be applied to the application that are available real-time to all users!

Venue's™ intuitive web interface makes using the claims processing software easy and cuts down on training time. Wizards make data entry easy with minimal key strokes, capturing data quickly and efficiently. Training is a snap.

Venue™ has a web service interface that allows you to mass upload and download claim information. Real-time integration with third party applications (including in-house systems) is very cost-effective.

Venue™ will dramatically reduce the amount of time duplicating information, as it populates forms, templates and reports with the claim information that you have already entered. It allows you to share information instantly with clients, admin and adjusting staff by providing web-based access from any location!

Venue™ allows your clients to view the status of their claims using their unique login. They have access to the information you want them to see and only their information. It's a GREAT way to keep your clients informed on the status of their claims during the adjusting process.

Venue™ makes client billing more effective through its built-in time and cost calculators, and automatic reminders for time and expense entries. As well, Venue™ is activity and diary based to allow any rate or override for tasks.

Venue™ generates a XML LEDES™ file for electronic bill submission as part of the standard invoicing process - eliminating the need to double enter your billing information. Through our partnership with Allegient Systems, we have closed the loop on managing your claims and providing client invoice verification in line with your standard billing practices!

Venue™ integrates with Xactware through XactNet. Receiving an assignment through XactNet will allow the claim to be automatically set up in Venue™. A claim set up in Venue™ can be uploaded to XactNet for retrieval by authorized users.