It’s time-sensitive, demands accuracy and requires extreme attention to detail to satisfy your valued clients.

Claims management involves multiple forms preparation, report generation, capture and transmission of mixed media documents, payments and billing, along with tracking communications and claim status. And it involves maintenance and protection of sensitive records. The sheer volume of work can make the process extremely difficult to manage.

YET THE QUALITY AND EFFICIENCY of your claims management process will determine the bottom line performance of your firm.

Created just for adjusters, risk managers and other insurance professionals, Venue ™ enables you to focus your time and expertise on HIGH-VALUE claim activities. Meanwhile, Venue ™ helps you manage the entire claims process as it takes care and control of the routine tasks – ensuring a claims management process that is accurate, efficient, timely and cost-effective.

THAT’S WHAT YOUR CLIENTS DEMAND, and that’s what Venue™ provides.

All you need is an internet connection and browser and you can start using the system immediately.
Call (1.888.4KLJ-NOW (1.888.455.5669)) or click here to request a demo. Adjusters, claims managers, supervisors and finance alike will be amazed at how well Venue ™ addresses ALL your claims processing needs.

It’s simple, it fits, it’s Venue ™